University of Vermont Extension 
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Spring, Summer News Article 


By Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor
University of Vermont

Shrubs serve many functions in our landscapes. They provide color in the form of flowers and fruits. They act as "walls" between the "rooms" of our landscapes and are often pruned into hedges for that purpose. Their fruits feed our birds, and their well-branched habits provide nesting sites. Shrubs also can add winter color and texture to perennial gardens.

Northern New England is the source of many wonderful native shrubs, many of which are commonly available at nurseries and garden centers. Others are more difficult to find but are well worth the search. Try these native shrubs in your landscape!

Large shrubs (over 15 feet in height):

These can be limbed up into small trees or left branched to the ground as large shrubs in the back of the border.

Medium shrubs (8 to 15 feet in height):

Small shrubs (under 8 feet in height):

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