UVM's Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab

The Testing Lab is in 262 Jeffords Hall.  We continue to offer soil and manure testing. We also provide analytical services for UVM researchers.



Mailing address:
Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab
Jeffords Hall, Room 262
63 Carrigan Drive
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT  05405-1737

Soil test reports are generally ready to go out in the mail/email on the second Monday after the samples arrive at the lab, although during very busy times (April-May, November-December), or due to holidays, it may take a day or two longer.


All payments for lab testing must be by check or Money Order (no cash or credit cards), made out to “UVM” or “University of Vermont” only (not “AETL” or anything else—just UVM).

Soil Sample Kits are available from UVM Extension offices around the state, and from many Garden stores. However, you do not need a kit if you can print a form from our website. Just use any clean plastic bag for the sample (one-half cup to one cup is all we need). Put the samples in a mailing envelope or box. Include a check made out to UVM; the cost is $14 per sample (one bag = one sample).

You may drop off your samples at the lab (Room 262 Jeffords Hall, on the main UVM Campus) instead of mailing them. See below for parking information.

When will my soil test results be ready?

If you bring in samples, there is a collection box inside the main east entrance to the building (facing the parking lot and the mountains).  There is metered visitor parking at the south end of the lot, as well as some meters on the street near the water tower. After 3:30 PM, you can park anywhere in the lot (permit not required).  The testing lab office (Room 262) is on the second floor, in the northeast corner of the building (directly over the loading dock).

We have updated our fertilizer recommendations for both field crops and vegetable/lawn/horticulture/fruit crops, and there are new sample submission forms (the old forms will still be accepted). Information for up to 10 samples will fit on the forms; please follow the instructions. There are also multi-field forms for up to 30 samples, but these do not have instructions--be sure you understand how to fill out the form before using these. All the forms may be downloaded--see the link on the right side of this web page.

Please see our frequently asked questions about soil testing (FAQs)

Soil testing: Available Tests and Pricing
(turn-around 9-14 days)

Manure & Compost testing: Available Tests and Pricing
(turn-around about 14 days)

Other tests: Available Tests and Pricing