University of Vermont

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Judith L. Van Houten

Judith L. Van Houten

Judith L Van Houten"Judith L. Van Houten, University Distinguished Professor of Biology. Professor Van Houten, you are identified as a world leader in chemosensory sensing using the unicellular Paramecium as a model organism. The originality and high quality of your research are clearly evidenced by the nearly continuous research funding you have received over three decades from the NSF and the NIH, including the prestigious NIH Merit Award.

In addition to authoring hundreds of scholarly works, you have received more than $30M in major research funding, much of it selflessly directed to supporting your colleagues at UVM and around the State.

Your colleagues around the nation, from the highest levels of the academy, speak of your distinguished service and leadership in addition to your remarkable scholarly achievements.

Judith L. Van Houten, I am pleased to recognize you as University Distinguished Professor of Biology.”

—Provost John M. Hughes

Read May 17, 2009
at the University’s 205th Commencement Ceremony

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