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Burton E. Sobel

Burton E. Sobel

Burton Sobel"Burton E. Sobel, University Distinguished Professor of Medicine. Professor Sobel, you are recognized as one of the great academic physicians of our time. A magna cum laude graduate of the Harvard Medical School, you have received the Distinguished Scientist Award from the American College of Cardiology and the Distinguished Achievement Award and the Herric Award from the American Heart Association.

Although we are proud to call you our own, you have served as a visiting professor at the most distinguished medical schools in our country. I can personally note the difficulty I had in trying to electronically send your vita to reviewers, as with its listing of nearly 900 scholarly articles it was too large to ship in one file.

As one reviewer noted, “I can think of few other leaders in cardiovascular research to whom this title should apply, and know that were he to be granted the title, he would serve in that capacity beyond expectation.”

Dr. Sobel's Professorship will be conferred at a later date.”

—Provost John M. Hughes

Read May 17, 2009
at the University’s 205th Commencement Ceremony

[Dr. Sobel's Professorship was conferred on Thursday, June 18, 2009]

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