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The Institute

In 2013, after an intensive and inclusive six-month review process, the Envisioning Environment faculty working group’s report noted the University’s great strength in the environment, but also its fragmentation across faculty. The working group identified as its highest priority the creation of a university-wide Institute to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration among the broad, active, and impressive community of environmental researchers and scholars that span the University. The working group cautioned that the Institute must be both properly structured, and properly resourced.

In response, in 2014, a working group was charged with developing the Institute’s mission statement, strategic vision, and operating plan. And, in 2015, a working group focused on resourcing the Institute and refining its governance structure.

Throughout this period, the President, Provost, and the Foundation worked to secure the private philanthropic support necessary for the Institute’s success. In June 2016, donors signaled their willingness to make a leadership gift to the Institute in the very near future. In order to secure this gift, it is imperative that the University demonstrate the completion of all internal requirements necessary for the Institute’s launch.

This is welcome and exciting news – but it makes for tight timing. After four years of collaborative, thoughtful and strategic efforts there are but two remaining steps: Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees’ approval. The Senate will consider the Institute proposal at its September 26, 2016 meeting, and the Board of Trustees will take it up on October 21, 2016.

In preparation for Institute discussions that will necessarily take place in the early days of the fall semester, the documents on this website provide information on the Institute’s history, mission, vision, structure, governance, budget, and evaluation.

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