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Diversity Course Requirement

Meeting the Diversity Requirement

In April of 2006 the Faculty Senate submitted a proposal for a six-credit diversity graduation requirement which was passed by the University of Vermont Board of Trustees in May of 2006. This requirement states that all UVM undergraduate students must satisfy the following two requirements prior to graduation:

  1. One 3-credit course approved in Diversity Category 1 (Race & Racism in the U.S.), to be taken as early as possible after matriculation to UVM (preferably no later than the sophomore year); and
  2. A second 3-credit course approved in either Diversity Category 1 (Race & Racism in the U.S.) or Diversity Category 2 (Human and Societal Diversity).

The approved proposal calls for the creation of a new committee entitled, Diversity Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) whose charge was to:

  • Develop and oversee a phased-in implementation plan for the
    diversity requirement.
  • Review and approve proposed diversity courses.
  • Solicit proposals for courses that qualify for designation as a “Diversity Course” under categories 1 or 2.
  • Develop and oversee a mechanism for assessing outcomes of the
    diversity requirement.
  • Propose suggested changes to the diversity requirement as necessary,
    to the Faculty Senate.
  • Develop and implement a policy for periodic review of approved diversity courses, stipulating revisions as necessary.
  • Develop and implement a policy for review and approval of substitutions and
    alternatives of the diversity requirement on a case-by-case basis.

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