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General Education Diversity Requirement

Rationale for the Diversity Requirement at UVM1

UVM’s diversity requirement is intended to provide undergraduate students with the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to function productively in a complex global society, by fostering an understanding of and respect for differences among individuals and groups of people.  The Diversity requirement is based on the recognition that graduates will increasingly need to engage with issues arising from various dimensions of human diversity such as race, age, disability, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation, and social class.  Students will have the opportunity to shape the social, political, and cultural consequences of these issues through their actions or inaction during their time at the University and later in life. The University's goal, through the Diversity requirement and adherence to the ideals expressed in Our Common Ground, is to prepare students for responsible citizenship in an increasingly pluralistic and diverse society. 

1 The General Education Diversity Outcome Committee acknowledges the Rationale statement of the University of Souther California, which inspired our own. See

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