University of Vermont

Incentive-based Budgeting (IBB)

Project Structure and Work Groups

Executive Sponsor
David Rosowsky, Provost and Senior Vice President

Project Sponsor
Richard Cate, Vice President for Finance

Leadership Committee
Richard Cate (chair), Claire Burlingham, Kerry Castano, Alberto Citarella, Cindy Lee, Mary Ann Roy, Emily Stebbins-Wheelock

Implementation Team

  • Ensure that UVM's business processes and systems accurately reflect the final IBB algorithms and the overall revenues and expenses of the University
  • Ensure the success of the Work Groups
  • Identify and resolve challenges as they arise; raise with senior leadership as necessary
  • Guide and oversee documentation of UVM’s IBB model
  • Graduate & Certificate Tuition Work Group

Members: Alberto Citarella (chair), Claire Burlingham, Josie Mercure, Lindsey Donovan, Susan Skalka, Emily Stebbins-Wheelock

Budget Process Work Group

  • Develop a new University budget process and timeline for approval by the Provost


  • New University budget process, including timing, roles, and responsibilities
  • Proposal for multi-year budget planning
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Betsy Baker (chair), Alberto Citarella, Carrie Hopkins, Jasmine Manuelyan, Josie Mercure, Mary Ann Roy, Nancy Towle

Transition Support Team

  • Ensure that members of UVM’s financial management community have the information and training they need to support a successful implementation


  • Develop communications plan for approval by the Provost
  • Develop training/education plan for approval by the Provost
  • Develop transtion support strategy for approval by the Provost

Members: Richard Cate (chair), Renee Berteau, Pam Blum, Penny Cayia, Cindy Lee, Julia Russell, Sherwood Smith, Emily Stebbins-Wheelock, Monika Ursiny, Pat Brown

F&A Revenue and Research Cost Pool Work Group

  • Efficiently and effectively distribute F&A revenue to Responsibility Centers and the OVPR, taking into account re-allocation (revenue-sharing) agreements


  • Reporting, business process, and system changes to support F&A revenue distribution to Responsibility Centers
  • Sponsored award reporting
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Claire Burlingham (chair), Jennifer Gagnon, Michael Meunier, Jana Talcott, Josie Mercure, Sudha Ramaswami, Susan Skalka

Facilities Work Group

  • Develop process for annually assigning space to the Responsibility Centers for IBB purposes for the Provost’s approval


  • Updated space management procedures that to support implementation of IBB
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Claire Burlingham (chair), Betsy Baker, Joanna Birbeck, Nick Hartshorn, Mike Meunier, Michael Richards, Jana Talcott, Bob Vaughan

Graduate & Certificate Tuition Work Group

  • Map tuition and financial aid associated with each graduate student in Banner to the right Responsibility Center in PeopleSoft


  • Definition and data integrity rules for certificate programs
  • Gradate tuition and financial aid reports for Responsibility Centers
  • Banner - PeopleSoft integration
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Alberto Citarella (chair), Betsy Baker, Patty Dubie, Cindy Forehand, Marie Johnson, Zoey Trenkle, Keith Williams, Gail Starks

Other Income Work Group

  • Streamline the process for initiating a revenue-generating activity, whether Income-Expense or General Fund, and ensure consistency throughout the University in how these are handled.


  • Develop a new process for initiation of revenue-generating activities for approval by the Provost
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Josie Mercure (chair), Betsy Baker, Lindsey Donovan, Jill King, Carrie Hopkins, Marilyn Schlak, Nancy Towle

Reconciliation & Audit Work Group

  • Continue to maintain a strong University balance sheet and ensure accurate reconciliation of revenue and expense and to the general ledger and UVM’s annual audited financial statements


  • Recommend net asset guidelines for approval by Provost
  • Develop reconciliation processes and protocols
  • Create new year-end closing rules
  • Internal and external audit considerations
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Claire Burlingham (chair), Kristin Bahn, Alberto Citarella, Lindsey Donovan, Josie Mercure

Reporting & Modeling Tools Work Group

  • Ensure that individual UVM units have access to relevant, accurate, timely IBB financial data and reports


  • Plan for providing IBB financial reports (all revenues and expenses, all funds) using new chartstrings and a reporting tool
  • Determine how and how often budget distributions will occur in PeopleSoft
  • Develop financial analysis and modeling tools
  • Identify change management needs

Members: Alberto Citarella (chair), Kristin Bahn, Carrie Hopkins, Josie Mercure, Susan Skalka

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