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The Road to Excellence—Advancing Academic Distinction at UVM

By Daniel Mark Fogel, President, Jane Knodell, Interim Senior Vice President and Provost,
and Domenico Grasso, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College

November 19, 2009

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[Link to President Fogel's letter to the UVM Community
The Road to Excellence (and a Brief Budget Update): November 20, 2009]

Note: An earlier version of this paper was prepared in the summer of 2009 in order to bring into focus for further discussion strategic issues that represent significant opportunities and challenges for UVM. We laid out the train of thought summarized in the paper primarily for three reasons. First, we believe that it is essential that the University pursue the strategic directions outlined in the Strategic Plan 2009-2013 that was approved by the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees last year. We believe we must do so in ways that are a) informed by the recommendations submitted last December by Strategic Plan Action Idea Working Groups, b) responsive to the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) reaccreditation process and to the report to the NEASC Commission on Institutions of Higher Education submitted by the Evaluation Team that visited UVM for NEASC over the course of four days in April of 2009, and c) aligned with the recommendations submitted by Professor Robert Taylor last semester on behalf of the Transformational Change Working Group that he chaired. Second, we believed that we must all bring intensified focus and urgency to acting on the University’s strategic imperatives in light of demands for accountability and value that must inevitably grow as resource constraints locally and nationally make for an increasingly competitive environment. And, third, we believe that in order to succeed we must have a shared understanding of our current position, of the implications for both undergraduate and graduate education of our aspiration to continue to rise among the leading small research universities, and of what we must do to advance along the shortest feasible line between where we are now and where we wish to be. Now that essential measures arising from this analysis are actively being addressed through the work of the General Education Work Group and of the eight groups engaged in preparing proposals for the Transdisciplinary Research Initiative, we believe there is value in making this somewhat technical discussion available to the broader community. We welcome comments, critiques, and suggestions (addressed to the three authors c/o the President at that will help to shape the dialogue going forward.


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