University of Vermont

President's Commission for Inclusive Excellence

Strategic Plan for 2017-2019: Goals & Tactics

PCIE Strategic Plan: March 2017 (PDF)

Goal 1: Explore diversity and inclusive excellence experiences and perceptions at UVM

  • Plan forums for student, staff and/or faculty constituencies or identity groups, forums will be organized in collaboration with relevant UVM groups
  • Schedule, develop questions and hold forums with facilitators and note takers to capture feedback without identification
  • Compile feedback
  • Review and discuss feedback in context of the Inclusive Excellence Framework
  • Develop action steps and metrics for success in collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Implement action steps
  • Identify and monitor metrics to determine impact of action steps

Goal 2: Assess diversity and inclusive excellence at UVM

  • Define annual data to be provided to PCIE for review
  • Request specific data to correlate with feedback from focus groups (Goal 1)
  • Identify data trends over time

Goal 3: Communicate with and make recommendations to the President and VP of Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs on diversity and inclusive excellence perspectives and progress

  • Hold meetings with the UVM President and PCIE
  • Work with VP for HRDMA through the PCIE leadership and PCIE
  • Provide written recommendations to the UVM President, as needed

Goal 4: Advise the President and VP of Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs on UVM diversity and inclusive excellence initiatives, at their request, such as:

  • Inclusive Excellence Framework strategic plan implementation
  • Climate surveys
  • Other strategic initiatives

Goal 5: Communicate with the UVM community about inclusive excellence efforts at UVM

  • PCIE web site
  • Social media postings
  • Reports and other communications

UVM President's Commission on Inclusive Excellence (PCIE) Organizational Chart

PCIE Org Chart

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