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Mickey E. Gunter Biography

Biography: Mickey E. Gunter

Professor of Geological Sciences
University of Idaho

Dr. Gunter has served a Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Idaho since 1989. He also serves as an adjunct professor in both the Environmental Sciences and Material Sciences Departments at the University of Idaho. Dr. Gunter is an internationally known mineralogist (specifically optical mineralogy) and an expert on the health effects of asbestos and crystalline silica. Throughout his years of scholarship, research, and service, Dr. Gunter has authored over 100 scholarly works, including the textbook Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy (Mineralogical Society of America, 2007). He has been the recipient of numerous awards including, the Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer Award and the University of Idaho Teaching Excellence Award (the highest teaching award at the university). Dr. Gunter received a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, a Master of Science degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Virginia Tech.

November 12, 2008, "Fear of Risk vs. Risk of Fear"
March 19, 2009, "Asbestos & Public Perception: Issues Surrounding the Former Vermont Asbestos Group (VAG) Mine as an Example"

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