University of Vermont

James Marsh Professors-at-Large Program

Arrangement Guidelines

Contact Information:
Gary Derr, 347 Waterman, 656-8937,
Bess Malson-Huddle, Coordinator 358 Waterman, 656-0462,
Renee Bourassa, Conference Coordinator, Marsh Hall, 31 Spear Street, 656-0856,
Bess Malson-Huddle will provide the appropriate chartstring to the necessary offices.

Travel arrangements will be coordinated by Bess Malson-Huddle and Lavinia Lasko in the President’s Office. Faculty Hosts should contact Bess to schedule visit dates and begin making travel arrangements.

The President's Office will reserve a room at a local hotel.
All expenses will be covered by the President’s Office under the direction of Bess Malson-Huddle.
Bess Malson-Huddle will contact the Marsh Professor and secure the necessary documentation to arrange payment of the stipend.
Plenary Lecture:
Marsh Professors generally deliver a plenary lecture open to the entire community every visit or every other visit in addition to meeting with students and visiting classes. Arrangements will be coordinated by the President’s Office in partnership with the Faculty Host.
There will be a reception for each speaker following the plenary lecture. It should be an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to meet the speaker and share ideas.
Student Contact:
There should be an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to interact with the Marsh Professor. We recommend an informal lunch. The President's Office will cover lunch expenses under the direction of Bess Malson-Huddle.

Please contact Bess to initiate campus advertising and to obtain the poster form. When Bess receives the completed poster form, she will send the Faculty Host a draft of the poster; after the poster draft has been approved, 277 copies of our standard 11x17 poster will be printed. Twenty-five posters will be forwarded to the faculty host for distribution. The remaining posters will be distributed using campus distribution lists including Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs and Residential Life. The Faculty Host may choose to advertise the lecture to appropriate University units via email. Bess will also relay the pertinent information to the University Communications Office.

Video Taping:
All lectures are videotaped and catalogued in the Bailey-Howe Media Library assuming the speaker consents. Two copies are made: one for the media library and one for the host department.
Request for Permission to Post Audio/Video Recordings on the Web:
The University through the Office of University Communications is launching a new initiative posting audio and video recordings of guest lectures and speakers, special events, and other high profile events that might be of interest to broader audiences on the UVM website. The recording(s) would be posted for educational use, and would be accessible by all. The lecture, or clips from the lecture, may appear on the University of Vermont website, or in web locations maintained by UVM staff. In order to post the recordings, the University needs to secure permission of the speaker. Please send two signed copies to the speaker in advance of their arrival and request that they sign and maintain one copy for their records and return one copy to Gary Derr (address provided) or bring to Faculty Sponsor during the visit. [Click here for template of Request for Permission letter]
Sign Language Interpreter:
Arrangements can be made for a sign language interpreter. Please contact Bess to arrange for the interpreter and to advise her of any anticipated attendees who are hearing impaired. There is no cost associated with these arrangements.

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