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President's Distinguished Senior Lecturer and Lecturer Award

December 14, 2017

I am pleased to announce the call for nominations for the President’s Distinguished Senior Lecturer and Lecturer Award.  The award honors and recognizes the distinguished accomplishments of faculty who hold the rank of Senior Lecturer and Lecturer.  Each year, a faculty member in the rank of Senior Lecturer and Lecturer will be awarded the President’s Distinguished Senior Lecturer Award and President’s Distinguished Lecturer Award for outstanding teaching, scholarship, and service.

All full-time faculty with a minimum of three years or more in the rank of Senior Lecturer or Lecturer are eligible for consideration.  Eligible faculty may be nominated by a dean, a department chair, or faculty within the academic discipline of the nominee. Nominations will be due by February 12, 2018 and must include the following:

  1. Letter of nomination from the faculty member’s department chair or program director
  2. Letter of support from the faculty member’s dean
  3. Up to three internal letters of support from faculty members at UVM including one from outside the nominee’s home department
  4. Nominee’s current CV
  5. Optional supporting materials (up to three abstracts or papers, or other evidence of creative scholarship)

The Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs will appoint and chair a review committee to make final recommendations to the President for each award.

The Award (one each to a Senior Lecturer and one to a Lecturer) will be made annually. Along with the Award, the awardees will receive a cash price of $2,500. 


  • Demonstrated record of exemplary contributions (innovation, creativity, productivity, impact, success, scholarly output) as a teacher-scholar at the University of Vermont.
  • Demonstrated record as a leader, role model, innovator in activities that promote or enhance teaching effectiveness, new pedagogy, and / or curricular reform or development.
  • Demonstrated record of excellence in teaching.
  • Record of scholarship dissemination as evidenced by peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings papers, presentations at national conferences, invited talks, or books.
  • Notable achievement(s) in teaching or scholarship, recognized beyond the University, that bring recognition to the department, program, college or school.
  • Demonstrated commitment to inclusive excellence and to advancing the University’s diversity goals.

Tom Sullivan, President

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