University of Vermont

President's Distinguished Senior Lecturer and Lecturer Award

Award Committee

The Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs will appoint and chair a review committee to make final recommendations to the President for each award.

Award Committee 2016 - 2017

Jim Vigoreaux, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Office of the Provost, Committee Chair
Paula Deming, Lisa Steele Professor of Nursing and Health Sciences, Interim Department Chair Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, College of Nursing and Health Sciences (FY 2019)
Kathy Fox, Professor of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences (FY 2019)
David Jenemann, Acting Dean of the Honors College, Associate Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences
Bill Keeton, Professor of Forest Ecology & Forestry, Director of Forestry Program, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (FY 2019)
Deborah Neher, Professor of Plant and Soil Science, Chair Department of Plant and Soil Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (FY 2019)
Thomas Noordeweir, Professor of Business, Associate Dean, Grossman School of Business (FY 2019)
Cynthia Reyes, Associate Professor of Education, College of Education and Social Services (FY 2019)
Christian Skalka, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (FY 2019)

Staff to Review Committee

Gary Derr, Vice President for Executive Operations
Bethany Wolfe, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Executive Operations

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