University of Vermont

Former President Daniel Mark Fogel

The Year Ahead

September 1, 2010

To: UVM Faculty and Staff
From: Daniel Mark Fogel, President

Re: The Year Ahead

To all who work so hard to make ours an extraordinary academic community, welcome to a new academic year I hope will unite us in commitment to our vision of UVM as one of the nation’s premier small research universities. I have been moved in the last few days by the evident joy with which I have seen colleagues greet an exceptional group of new students, launched on their college careers with Sunday’s inspiring Convocation ceremony and a stirring sunset march down Main Street to the Candlelight Induction on the UVM Green. I know you will do all you can to welcome our new students and help them embark on what we all hope will be the experience of a lifetime at UVM.

The upcoming year holds great promise, particularly in our efforts to improve the student experience and to increase the coherence, quality, and accessibility of our academic programs. Through my many interactions with governance leaders, deans, administrators, Board members, alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students, I have come to believe we have every opportunity to build even greater academic quality. You will no doubt be hearing much more about these efforts throughout the year.

Our continued success will require sustained vigilance, innovation, cooperation, and hard work. We must not fear to see what is, and to tell it. As rapidly as UVM is advancing (check out this link for some benchmarks), other colleges and universities are intent on gaining competitive advantage. As we accelerate, others are kicking into high gear to run past us or to pull even further ahead. One thing is clear—we cannot stand still, or even rest content with our current impressive rate of progress. We have to pick up the pace. It is an ongoing challenge, and I know we are up to the task.

I encourage each and every one of us to speak proudly of our University of the Green Mountains—never to hesitate to lift the bushel under which UVM’s light might otherwise be hidden. In the local community, in professional meetings, in the grocery store, wherever we go, there are opportunities to tell the UVM story—the quality of the academic experience we offer students, the importance to Vermont of our service mission, the increasing power and effectiveness with which we are matching up UVM’s capabilities with the most pressing problems facing our nation and the world, and the rising distinction of our research, scholarship, and creative activity. Similarly, we have opportunities every day to provide help and support to our students and visitors, whether by simply providing directions, giving a student helpful advice, or just asking, “How are you doing today?” These are simple things, yet they speak volumes about the zest we have for being part of a vibrant, caring, welcoming community.

So, welcome back one and all! Together, we have much to do, and much of which to be proud. As always, you have my heartfelt thanks for all you do for UVM.

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