University of Vermont

Former President Daniel Mark Fogel

Staff Council August 6, 2008

To: University of Vermont Faculty and Staff

From: Daniel Mark Fogel, President
John M. Hughes, Provost and Senior Vice President

Re: Staff Council

Date: August 6, 2008

The Staff Council held its first ever campus-wide election for president and vice president in mid-June, when Beth Walsh (College of Medicine) and Jon Reidel (University Communications) were elected president and vice president, respectively. We look forward to working with the Council’s new leadership and thank Beth and Jon for assuming the responsibilities that come with these important offices.

The Staff Council office proudly reported that there was 30% participation among staff in these elections. The department with the greatest participation rate was Custodial Services, an amazing 78% produced through the teamwork of Leslye Kornegay, Director of Custodial Services, and the Staff Council office to promote awareness and participation.

With our full support, Staff Council is conducting its annual elections for unit representatives. It is essential that departments/units have proportional representation, as determined by an annual census. This model, similar to that of the Faculty Senate, ensures representation from all departments/units across campus as well as increased membership of the Staff Council. We support and endorse this effort, firmly believing that t will lead to a stronger and more vital Staff Council.

We are asking vice presidents, deans, directors, and department heads to urge staff members in their units to seek office. We are also asking administrators to support staff participation by providing the necessary and expected release time for staff to participate in this important activity.

We strongly encourage staff to consider the opportunity to serve as a representative of members of your unit. There is an abundance of opportunities for staff who serve on Staff Council. The following are just a few:

  • Learn about advisory boards and how they function
  • Expand your knowledge of “what’s going on” across campus
  • Collaborate with department managers and directors across campus on matters that affect staff
  • Review existing policies to make certain they are user-friendly, and recommend any necessary changes
  • Research and propose ideas for new policies that are in the best interest of staff and UVM
  • Sharpen your problem-solving and listening skills
  • Practice your speaking skills
  • Get involved in helping promote UVM’s Strategic Plan
  • Become aware of UVM’s fiscal priorities
  • Become a staff representative serving on committees formed by the president and provost
  • Contribute to the voice of staff and share the views of those in your unit with Staff Council, an advisory body to UVM’s president
  • Be the conduit between administration and staff and relay information shared by campus leaders and Council members back to your co-workers
  • Make a difference
  • Connect with caring and knowledgeable people
  • Build a network of colleagues and support

Please contact the Staff Council Office at if you have yet to complete elections in your area. The Council staff and leadership are prepared to meet with staff and managers in your area both to increase knowledge of Staff Council and address questions. Again, we strongly encourage both participation from staff and support from administrators for this important activity. We look forward to a fully representative Council this year.

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