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Former President Daniel Mark Fogel

President's Response to Campus Disturbance

University of Vermont
Office of the President


Date: October 21, 2004

To: University of Vermont Community

From: Daniel Mark Fogel, President

Re: Campus Disturbance

I regret to inform you that we experienced a riot on the Redstone Campus in the early morning hours, following the Boston Red Sox victory against the New York Yankees.

According to early reports, more than 1,000 students participated in the riot, in which a service van was tipped on its side, close to 20 campus light poles were snapped off and several windows were broken. We are currently tallying the damage and do not yet have a monetary value.

We are thankful that no personal injuries resulted from this most unfortunate and inexcusable incident. It is nevertheless the case that far worse things can happen than what we actually ex-perienced last night in the course of this incident and, accordingly, we take last night's event and the need to prevent similar occurrences with the utmost seriousness.

University Police Services requested assistance from two dozen police officers from police de-partments in Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Richmond, Williston, Essex and Vermont State Police.

Police officers, following well established response protocols, deployed pepper-ball launchers to disperse the uncontrolled mob and restore order. The launchers deliver paint-ball-like balls filled with Oleoresin Capsicum, an industrial form of the capsicums that make chili peppers hot and spicy. It is considered a safe and non-lethal tool that police agencies deploy in order to prevent the type of personal injury and extensive property damage than can result from riots growing out of control.

The behavior exhibited by our students this morning is completely unacceptable. Any students found to have violated campus judicial codes or state law will be held accountable.

As an educational institution, we will explore ways to foster constructive and peaceful ways to celebrate. It is a sad statement that in our society so many of these celebrations of athletic suc-cess turn into dangerous and destructive events.

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