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Office of the President Letter to Community October 27_04

University of Vermont
Office of the President


Date: October 27, 2004

To: UVM Community

From: Daniel Mark Fogel, President

Re: Campus Disturbance

The potential for the Boston Red Sox to secure a World Championship after an 86-year hiatus understandably stirs up strong emotions. Many members of the UVM community have been infected with “Red Sox Fever,” and I expect that we will see many happy fans if and when the BoSox win.

While some level of exuberance is understandable and expected, the kind of destructive, dangerous behavior we experienced on Redstone Campus last week was irresponsible and embarrassing to the entire UVM community. We were fortunate that no one was seriously injured.

Five students have been arrested for their involvement and also face University judicial action. The charges include aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, arson, and impeding a police officer. We expect additional arrests in the near future and several suspensions are imminent. We have set up a web site ( and follow the link marked "Riot Photos") asking the help of the UVM community in identifying those involved. I believe that the resulting citations and other disciplinary actions will help to reinforce the message that this type of action is intolerable.

Many students are rightly angry that tens of thousands of general fund dollars that could have been spent on scholarships or other worthy needs will now be spent on repairing vandalism. The relatively few individuals who caused this damage should be ashamed of themselves, and, as I have explained above, we will hold them fully responsible for their actions.

I have great confidence in our students and expect that they will engage in safe, reasonable behavior. Many are upset about last week’s incident and will take an active role in encouraging others to make good decisions. I have high hopes that good judgment will prevail. But make no mistake: we will make every reasonable effort to prevent vandalism and, most importantly, keep students safe.

I encourage all members of the UVM community to exercise judgment worthy of our excellent educational institution. At the conclusion of the World Series, I expect that any celebrations will be positive and safe.

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