University of Vermont

President's Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award

Biography of Dr. Beth Mintz

Beth MintzBeth Mintz, Professor of Sociology, was named the 2017 recipient of the President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award, in recognition of a long history of contributions to the University of Vermont.   

Over the years, Professor Mintz has served our community on the departmental, college, and university levels, where she has sat on an assortment of important planning and hiring committees.  She has occupied leadership roles in a number of venues, ranging from her service as Chair of the Department of Sociology to her position as lead negotiator for United Academics in collective bargaining negotiations.

Particularly noteworthy is her long-term commitment to issues of gender and equality on campus. She was highly instrumental in the introduction of Women’s Studies as an academic pursuit at UVM, nurturing it until it was firmly established as a formal program.  She is a founding member of the Faculty Women’s Caucus, and she has been an untiring advocate for policies ensuring equity for underrepresented groups.

Professor Mintz is also an accomplished researcher.  She earned the title University Scholar in recognition of her contributions to the intellectual life of the academy. 

Taken together, it is clear that her contributions to our institution are both numerous and important.  Her work has affected many of her colleagues, and she has made a significant impact on our campus.   

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