University of Vermont

President's Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award

Award Committee

The Committee will be made up of one tenured faculty member appointed by the dean from each of the eight degree granting colleges or schools, University Libraries, and Extension Service, and two faculty appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate each serving for a three-year, staggered term and eligible for reappointment for a second term. In addition, the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Internationalization will be a member of the Committee and serve as the Committee Chair. In future years, the prior year recipient will serve as a member of the Committee for one year. The Committee recommends candidates for the award to the President. The President will make the final decision.

Award Committee

Gayle Nunley, Director of Global Initiatives, Associate Professor of Spanish, College of Arts and Sciences, Provost Office, Committee Chair
Jeanine Carr, Professor of Nursing, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
George Cook, Extension Professor, University Extension
John Green, Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Tom Hudspeth, Professor of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Charles Irvin, Professor of Medicine & Assistant Dean for Faculty, College of Medicine
Jane Kolodinsky, Professor of Community Development and Applied Economics, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Appointed by the Faculty Senate
Jennifer Laurent, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Graduate College
Trina Magi, Library Professor, Library and Learning Resources
Larry Shelton, Professor of Education, College of Education and Social Services
Robert Snapp, Associate Professor of Computer Science, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Martin Thaler, Professor of Theater, College of Arts and Science, Appointed by the Faculty Senate
Judith Van Houten, Professor of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, 2014 Recipient
Jie Zhang, Assistant Professor of Business, School of Business Administration
Feng-Qi Zhao, Associate Professor of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Staff to Review Committee

Gary Derr, Vice President for Executive Operations
Bethany Wolfe, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Executive Operations

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