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Commencement Walk Policy

Commencement "Walk" Policy

Commencement celebrates the accomplishments of students who have successfully completed all the requirements necessary for their degrees. In acknowledgement of both the importance and integrity of that considerable achievement, exceptions are made only in truly exigent circumstances to the University’s “walk policy” which states that only students who have successfully completed all degree requirements will be allowed to walk at Commencement.

Those students who are within 6 credits of completion of all degree requirements may petition their college or school for permission to participate in their Commencement ceremony. The petition must contain evidence and/or documentation demonstrating that the degree requirement deficit resulted from circumstances beyond the student’s control and that allowing them to walk at the graduation ceremony would be a humane and compassionate response to those circumstances.

Students wishing to petition for an exception to the walk policy, must first present their petition to the Dean’s Office of their college or school. Only those circumstances deemed exigent (e.g., illness, family emergency, Dean-approved academic waiver, or other circumstance beyond the student’s control) will be considered. Final decisions will be made by the Associate Provost for Curricular Affairs. Follow this link to download a PDF of the Request to Participate in Graduation Form.

Permission to participate in Commencement ceremonies in accordance with this policy does not constitute the granting of the degree or a guarantee thereof. No degree will be granted until all requirements are completed. The student’s name will not appear in the Commencement program.

Approved by the Associate Deans Group, January 13, 2009

Last modified July 20 2012 02:43 PM

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