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Arrangement Guidelines

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Contact Information:
Bess Malson-Huddle, 358 Waterman, 802-656-0462,
Each Burack lecturer is assigned an individual chartstring to track expenses incurred during his/her visit. The host department’s business manager should use only the specific individual chartstring for their visiting Burack lecturer to charge expenses to the Burack Lecture Series. For chartstring information contact Bess Malson-Huddle at 802-656-0462 or

Air: Please use UVM Travel to make airline reservations. The faculty host or department business manager will need to use his/her UVM Purchasing Card. The charge should be reallocated to the individual Burack Lecture Series chartstring. Information about purchasing airfare on the UVM PurCard can be found in the Airfare Guidelines. We strongly suggest purchasing refundable tickets.

Personal Vehicle Usage: Mileage on a personal vehicle is reimbursable at $.560 per mile for FY15. The miles driven and any gas receipts should be included with the travel expense receipts submitted. Please see the Reimbursement section for more information.

Lodging: The faculty host should reserve a room at a local hotel using his/her UVM PurCard, the department Purcard, or a personal credit card. Please indicate that you are with the University of Vermont in order to receive the UVM discounted rate. Rooms should be booked for no more than three nights and should not exceed $135 per night. Any overages will be cost-shared with the host department. Only room, meals and taxes are reimbursable. Please note that UVM is state tax exempt (city tax is applicable). State tax charges should not appear on the final hotel invoice. We recommend reserving a rooom at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center (1-802-265-6600) which offers UVM affiliates good discount rates and provides shuttle service to the airport and to campus. Faculty hosts may choose another local hotel, but the host department will need to cover the overage of rates higher than $135 per night.

On-Campus Parking:

If the speaker will need on-campus parking access while visiting campus, contact Bess Malson-Huddle ( to make arrangements. The parking pass will be sent directly to the faculty host.


Budgeting for each lecture is tracked through the President’s Office at the end of the semester. Faculty hosts cannot control many of the costs; however, hosts should stay within budget for the following two categories:

  • Hotel charges should not exceed $135 per night for up to three nights
  • One lunch with graduate students should not exceed $200 and one dinner with faculty should not exceed $300.

Any overages in these categories will be cost-shared with the hosting department.

Please note that alcohol may only be paid for with the President’s Discretionary Gift Fund and must have prior approval. Please download, fill out, and email the Alcohol Approval Form to 30 days in advance of the lecture. If alcohol is served during official off-campus functions, someone holding a valid liquor license must serve the alcohol. An original itemized receipt and signed credit card slip must be provided, and the tax must be removed from the bill, because UVM is state tax exempt. Faculty and department hosts will not be reimbursed for alcohol purchases outside of these parameters. Serving alcohol is discouraged at any events held on campus.

Honorarium and Lecturer Host Expense Reimbursement:

The honorarium and expenses incurred by Burack lecturer’s visit must be processed by the host department. The faculty host should work with his/her Business Manager to have the honorarium check issued to the lecturer and to process expenses. All related PurCard expenses should be reallocated to the lecturer’s individual Burack chartstring. Bess Malson-Huddle will email the chartstring to the host six weeks prior to the lecture date.

In order to have an honorarium check issued to the lecturer, the faculty host or the host department’s business manager must have the lecturer fill out a W-9 Form. Please ensure that the lecturer fills out this form and send the completed form via campus mail or fax to Procurement Services.

Additionally, the department’s business manager also must submit a purchase requisition in PeopleSoft. Please be sure to complete the Burack Employee Versus Independent Contractor Form and submit with the purchase requisition in PeopleSoft. University best practice is to process the honorarium check after the lecture is completed to avoid unnecessary paperwork in the event of a cancellation or delay.

The host department’s business manager should submit out-of-pocket reimbursement for the lecturer and/or faculty host to Procurement on a Burack Check Request Form together with original receipts and a note explaining the expenses with list of attendees. Please review the UVM Travel Policy for more information.

Each faculty host should select dates and times that do not conflict with religious holidays, university breaks, etc. (see UVM Academic Calendar). Please contact Bess Malson-Huddle to learn when other lectures are scheduled. Ideally only one Burack Lecture will be scheduled per week. Once the date is confirmed, please contact Renee Bourassa in Conference & Event Services at 802-656-0856 or to assist with room arrangements for the lecture and reception. Faculty hosts must submit final lecture plans to Bess for approval via email no less than 30 days in advance of the lecture date; this can be an informal note describing the plans.

Student Contact:
There should be an opportunity for graduate students to interact with the speaker. We recommend an informal lunch. It is also appropriate to invite undergraduate students if you wish. The host may also elect to build a schedule for the lecturer involving guest speaking at various classes and department visits.

There should be a reception for each speaker following the main lecture. This provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to meet the speaker and share ideas. The faculty host should contact Renee Bourassa in Conference & Event Services at 802-656-0856 or for specific information and assistance. Faculty hosts must submit final reception plans to Bess for approval via email no less than 30 days in advance of the lecture date; this can be an informal note describing the plans.


Please send Lavina ( the completed Poster Format Form that requests details regarding the lecture. The completed Poster Form must be submitted to Bess at least 30 days prior to date of lecture, so that she can promote the event. If we do not receive the poster form in a timely fashion, our office may have to cancel the lecture.

300 copies of our standard 11x17 Burack Lecture poster will be printed. Twenty-five posters will be forwarded to the faculty host, and the rest will be distributed using campus distribution lists including Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Residential Life. Bess will advertise the lecture on the electronic info screens around campus and included in the UVM Bored Calendar, This Week@UVM, the Campus Calendar and on the Burack Lecture Series website. The faculty host may choose to advertise the lecture to appropriate University units.

If the host purchases off-campus advertising, these costs should be charged to the host department's budget. Note: lecture attendance has been growing without the use of additional advertising.

Video Taping:
With the lecturers' consent, all lectures are recorded and posted on the Burack Lecture Series website at the end of the semester. It is the faculty host’s responsibility to gain prior approval from the lecturer to record the lecture. Please fill out the Video Permission to Post Letter, obtain a signature from the lecturer and send it to to arrange for the lecture to be taped.
Deaf & Disability Accommodations:

Arrangements can be made for a sign language interpreter or other accommodations. Please contact Renee Bourassa in Conference & Event Services at or 802-656-0856 to make arrangements.

Commemorative Gift:

Each lecturer will receive a Vermont gift basket. The faculty host may choose to present the gift at the lecture or make arrangements for the Dean or Department Chair to do so on behalf of the University of Vermont. The gift will be delivered to the host about two weeks before the event along with 25 event posters.

Checklist Timeline:

Below is a checklist timeline to help guide faculty hosts through the hosting process. [Checklist Print Friendly Version]

Before the Semester Begins:

1. Upon receiving the letter from Gary Derr selecting your nominee for a Burack lectureship, discuss a number of possible dates with the lecturer after reviewing your department’s schedule and checking the UVM Academic Calendar.
2. Contact Bess Malson-Huddle to check the Burack schedule, determine a date for the lecture, and discuss lecture and reception plans.
3. Once the date is confirmed with Bess and the lecturer, work with Renee Bourassa to secure the space for the lecture and the reception. Space on campus is at a premium, and we recommend calling Renee as soon as you have confirmed a date.
4. Design a schedule for the lecturer to visit classrooms, meet with other departments, and/or host a lunch with graduate students.
5. Arrange travel for the lecturer as required (flight, rental car, hotel, etc.).

Six Weeks before the Lecture:

6. Bess will send the faculty host an email with important information, the chartstring, the Poster Format Form, the Alcohol Approval Form, and the W-9 Form and will inquire about on-campus parking for the lecturer.

30 Days before the Lecture:

7. Send Bess a brief email describing final plans for the lecture and reception for her approval.
8. Return the Poster Format Form to Bess. Also, confirm whether or not the lecturer will need a parking permit. Bess will send the parking pass directly to the faculty host.
9. Please download, fill out, and email the Alcohol Approval Form to Bess.
10. If the lecturer agrees to have the lecture recorded, please send Renee the signed Video Permission to Post Letter.
11. If necessary, call Conference & Event Services to make sign-language interpreter arrangements.

Three Weeks before the Lecture:

12. Three weeks before the lecture, 25 posters and the Vermont gift basket will be delivered to the faculty host. An additional 275 posters will be distributed to departments via campus mail and information will be posted on the info screens around campus and other electronic sources.
13. Confirm the final details and schedule with the lecturer.

During and After the Burack Lecturer’s Visit:

14. Once the speaker arrives on campus, serve as the guide and host during their visit.
15. Have the lecturer fill out the W-9 Form necessary for processing the honorarium and send it to Procurement via campus mail or fax.
16. At the main lecture, the faculty host or department chair should introduce the lecturer and remind the audience that there is a reception immediately following.
17. If applicable, the faculty host should collect the lecturer’s receipts for any out-of-pocket travel expenses. Ask the host department’s business manager to submit the receipts with the Check Request Form to Procurement.
18. Ask the host department’s business manager to submit a purchase requisition in PeopleSoft and the completed Burack Employee Versus Independent Contractor Form for the honorarium. The check will be mailed directly to the lecturer.
19. Ask the host department’s business manager to submit your PurCard expenses, reallocating all Burack related charges to your lecturer’s individual Burack Lecture Series chartstring (contact Bess for the appropriate chartstring). Note that hotel charges should not exceed $135 per night, total lunch charges should not exceed $200, and total dinner charges should not exceed $300 including alcohol.

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