University of Vermont

Administrative Unit Review

Why Do Administrative Unit Reviews

Administrative Unit Reviews require a commitment of time and effort on the part of all involved. Further, it necessitates an investment by those involved in the process to obtaining maximum quality to their units operations. An Administrative Unit Review provides:

An opportunity for unit self-assessment, planning, and change: The review ensures that each unit systematically takes time to evaluate its strengths,weaknesses, satisfaction of those served, and progress, and develop strategic plans and priorities.

Input to University decision-making: The review creates a base of knowledge and shared understandings that cumulatively provide a critical backdrop to all University decision processes, including the setting of unit priorities, hiring plans, budget setting, space allocations, and program sizing, among others.

Communication: AUR is fundamentally a process of communication within the unit, between the unit and the line administrator, and with the central administration. The process provides an opportunity for each member of the unit to be heard, and to express his or her views directly to the reviewers.

Candid assessment by external experts: Program review provides a reliable mechanism for qualitative expert evaluations that are credible to both the unit and the administration.

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