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Administrative Unit Review

Administrative Unit Review Schedule and Process


Administrative Unit Schedule

The first cycle of AUR is scheduled to take place over five years. A schedule for the complete review cycle will be established and reviewed annually and revised during the cycle as needed.  The President, Provost, and Vice President for Executive Operations will discuss with vice presidents/provost the appropriate scheduling for their units. Vice presidents/provost should consult with their units to discuss scheduling options prior to providing feedback and recommendations to the Vice President for Executive Operations. The President, Provost and Vice President for Executive Operations make the final determination on review scheduling.

Review Timeline and Process

Start to finish, program review for a unit generally takes place over a three-year period, beginning with the pre-review planning in year one, the review in year two, and the unit’s one-year follow up in year three. Typically, review pre-planning begins in the Spring semester, with units formally notified that the process is initiated. The actual review is conducted over the course of the next academic year, and a follow up is conducted one year after the review has been completed. Units are then asked to submit within the next month their list of key issues (see subsequent sections, “Identification of Key Issues” and Appendix A for information on this) and the names of individuals to potentially serve as external reviewers to the Vice President for Executive Operations; these are then reviewed by the respective school/administrative and senior University leadership.

Feedback is given to the unit on each of these areas, and the unit drafts its unit self-study report over the summer. External reviewers are appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice President over the summer, and their visit is scheduled for the Fall semester (depending, of course, on their availability). Subcommittees begin their work in the Fall once the unit self-study report has been received. The subcommittee then presents its draft report to the AURC early in the Spring semester.

Administrative Unit Review Timeline and Process

Time Activity/Event
March (Spring prior to review)
  • Units to be reviewed in coming academic year are notified by the Vice President for Executive Operations; asked to submit a list of issues and list of potential external reviewers.
  • Vice President for Executive Operations holds orientation meeting with heads of units to be reviewed.
June (Prior to review)
  • Units to be reviewed identify issues to focus the upcoming review.
  • Unit head submits final list of issues to the Vice President for Executive Operations, who distributes it to appropriate vice president/provost and President’s Senior Leadership.
  • Unit submits a Unit Self-Study Report (15 pages unless special circumstances warrant additional pages up to 25 pages) to the Vice President for Executive Operations, who reviews it for completeness and distributes to Administrative Unit Review Committee.
  • Administrative Unit Review Committee appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice President.
  • Finalize external reviewers for the current reviews (selected by the Vice President for Executive Operations based on recommendations)
  • Administrative Unit Review Committee appoints subcommittees for units to be reviewed.
  • Open comment surveys distributed to campus
  • Unit Review Subcommittee conducts interviews with key administrators and members of the unit.
  • Administrative Unit Review Committee Subcommittee writes and submits a report (5 – 10 pages) to the Administrative Unit Review Committee.
  • Report refined and modified as needed, then distributed to appropriate Vice President and the President’s Senior Leadership for review.
  • Administrative Unit Review Committee meets to review reports.
  • Each unit head sent a copy of the final report and external reviewers report for unit review.
  • Each Subcommittee Chair meets with Vice President and Unit Leader to review report
  • Implementation meetings with Vice President and Unit head occur to develop implementation agreement.
July (one year later)
  • Unit provides written report of progress to date to President’s Senior Leadership

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