University of Vermont

Administrative Unit Review

Components of Administrative Unit Review

Identification of Key Issues that Shape the Review

Each unit is asked to identify a set of key issues unique to the unit. Each unit should have a strategic plan in place or use the review as a catalyst to update or develop one. After receiving the notification letter, one of the unit’s first steps is to identify a list of key issues that it believes should be the subject of its review. These should be the critical issues facing the unit currently and for the next three-to-five years (see below). ┬áThe list of issues is submitted to the Vice President for Executive Operations, who will distribute it to the appropriate University officers and Administrative Unit Review Council (AURC). The unit then receives a letter that summarizes the feedback received on these issues, and lays out specific additional issues that should be addressed by the unit during the review process, in particular in the self-study. As the work of the review unfolds, the AURC subcommittee may identify other issues in concert with the unit’s vice president/provost.

(See Appendix A for additional information.)

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