University of Vermont

Administrative Unit Review

Components of Administrative Unit Review

Internal Subcommittee Review

The Administrative Unit Review Council (AURC) subcommittee conducts a review of the unit. Once the unit self-study has been received, the appropriate subcommittee meets with all members of the unit (either one-on-one or in small groups), as well as individuals who work closely with the unit. At the conclusion of its review, the subcommittee develops a draft review report that draws upon the unit self-study, input from external reviewers, and the subcommittee members’ interviews with the members of the unit and key stakeholders.

The AURC subcommittee may ask the unit or other University offices for any additional information or clarification of the unit self-study report that they consider appropriate. The subcommittee members meet with professional staff in the unit and may ask the Vice President for Executive Operations to survey users or departments that are dependent on these units for support in order to determine needs, problems, and satisfaction with services provided by the unit. The subcommittees also meet with the external reviewers while they are on campus and generally communicate with them before and after their visit in developing their report.

The AURC subcommittee may also choose to conduct special surveys to solicit additional opinions, or gather additional information using questionnaires sent to persons at other institutions (note: these are in addition to the information on performance measures, customer satisfaction, etc. to be collected by each unit on an ongoing basis). The report of any additional information gathered by the AURC subcommittee is made available to the unit, the vice president/provost for the unit, Provost, President and the Administrative Unit Review Council. Review(s) by the AURC subcommittee and external reviewers are usually completed by the end of the Fall Semester. Following meetings with the AURC subcommittee and outside consultants, the unit may provide any comments or clarification deemed appropriate.

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