University of Vermont

Administrative Unit Review

Components of Administrative Unit Review

Implementation Meetings

Meeting with Vice President/Provost

Through the late Spring to early Fall (as calendars permit), the President, Provost, and the Vice President for Executive Operations meet with the appropriate vice president/provost to discuss the results of the review and the recommendations of the Administrative Unit Review Council. Whenever possible, all units related to the line vice president/provost are discussed at the same time to reduce the number of meetings.

Meeting with Line Head and Unit Head

Following that meeting, the Provost and Vice President for Executive Operations, meet with the vice president/provost, line officer and the unit head to discuss the results of program review and the Administrative Unit Review Council recommendations, and to agree on the next steps for implementation. Based on this discussion, each unit will then receive an explicit implementation agreement that clearly describes the agreed-upon actions to be taken and specifies who is responsible for carrying out each of these actions. The vice president/provost is encouraged to be explicit about the commitments he/she is willing or not willing to make. The vice president/provost, line administrator, and unit head are a clear parties to the development of this agreement.

Line Head Meeting with Unit

Once the implementation agreement has been finalized, the vice president/provost and unit head should meet with the professional staff in the unit to discuss the agreement and needed implementation steps. The Vice President for Executive Operations will verify with the vice president/provost and unit head that these meetings have taken place. Implementation agreements will be shared with the internal and external reviewers, as well as all vice presidents/provost.

Communication of the Review Outcomes

An executive summary of findings and agreements for each unit reviewed in a given year is prepared for examination by the Board of Trustees. These summaries are also provided to the Administrative Unit Review Council and to the deans and vice presidents/provost. In addition, the Board of Trustees receives a report on the one-year follow up progress for those units reviewed during the prior year. Unit heads always have the option of sharing their reports with related unit heads where cross-department or cross-school initiatives would be served. This remains a unit-level prerogative.

Program Review Follow-Up

Units are notified by letter of their one-year follow-up in the Spring. The implementation agreement provides the basis of the one-year follow up report, and units are sent a template to use to respond. All units are instructed to work closely with their vice president/provost in the development of this report. The report is submitted by the unit to the vice president/provost, who forwards it to the Vice President for Executive Operations along with his or her comments. These reports are reviewed by members of the University’s senior administration in the Fall, and units receive written feedback on their progress to-date following that meeting.

Subsequent follow-up is then carried out by the vice president/provost, in consultation with the President and Provost. The one-year follow up reports are shared with the AURC subcommittee that conducted the review. In certain cases where the vice president/provost believes the unit requires an additional follow up, the vice president/provost may request the Vice President for Executive Operations to conduct another follow up check the next year.

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