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Administrative Unit Review is overseen by the Administrative Unit Review Committee (AURC), an appointed group of senior faculty and administrators who also serve as chairs of the review subcommittees. The Chair of the AURC is appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice President annually from among the senior members of this group. The Vice President for Executive Operations serves as AURC Vice Chair on an ongoing basis. At least one-third of the members of AURC are faculty. During the late spring/early summer, the AURC is appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice President based upon a slate of potential members recommended by the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, deans, and vice presidents. The size of the AURC mirrors the number of reviews scheduled each year so that each AURC member chairs an internal subcommittee guiding the review (i.e., If there are eight administrative reviews scheduled in on year, there will be eight members of the AURC that year).

In addition to the faculty members on the AURC, it is representative of the various administrative units within the University, but not all units in any single year can or need be represented. Members of the AURC are appointed to serve staggered, three-year terms.

In early fall, the AURC appoints subcommittees (with each subcommittee generally consisting of three persons plus the chair) to assist in advancing its responsibilities. A member of the AURC chairs each subcommittee; the remaining subcommittee members are not members of the AURC. Members of the subcommittee cannot be members of the unit under review. Generally, two members of the subcommittee are from related fields/offices. At least one member is from a different or unrelated area.

The Vice President for Executive Operations is responsible for coordinating the activities of the AURC and assuring the completion of each program review. The Vice President for Executive Operations provides other administrative and secretarial/clerical support services for the AURC and its subcommittees as needed.

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