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Administrative Unit Review


The process of Administrative Unit Review (AUR) is principally focused on evaluating the unit’s performance at regular intervals.  Its primary goal is constructive, leading to improvement in a unit’s performance.  This process is similar to the Academic Program Review for colleges and schools. The process supports the UVM Strategic Action Plan – Enhancing Quality and Affordability, by “Instilling an institutional commitment to efficiency and effectiveness that optimizes the use of facilities, technologies, assets, and shared services…” Ultimately AUR is about ensuring that in every aspect of the University’s operations we provide the highest quality services and support for the academic mission of the University consistent with the University’s budget. It is acknowledged that this process is thorough and will require an investment in time on the part of many individuals, but it is a worthwhile investment that is essential to sustaining the success of the University.

Purpose of Administrative Unit Review

The overall purpose of Administrative Unit Review is to assess a unit’s program quality, efficiency, and effectiveness; to stimulate program planning and improvement; and to encourage the unit’s development in strategic directions that reflect the University’s priorities.

The purpose of AUR is to encourage improvements in the quality and efficiency of each unit of the University and to provide a collective basis of refined judgment by the members of each profession on:

  • Current strengths and weaknesses of the unit
  • Areas of comparative opportunity
  • Levels of satisfaction of those served
  • Addressing multicultural and diversity awareness
  • Effectiveness in implementing diversity recruitment plan
  • Important future developments in the profession that need to be addressed
  • The relationship of existing staff resources to opportunities
  • The quality of leadership in the unit
  • The adequacy of other resources to carry out the mission of the unit
  • Potential areas of cross-unit collaboration where the University and units’ resources could be leveraged
  • Meeting federal, state, local regulations or other compliance related requirements

Administrative Unit Review at the University of Vermont is an essential component of University planning and is key in raising quality and performance thresholds throughout the institution.

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