University of Vermont

Office of the President

E. Thomas Sullivan, J.D.

E. Thomas SullivanWelcome to the University of Vermont! This public ivy of independent thinkers is a distinctive community of engaged learners and distinguished scholars in a vibrant, beautiful natural setting. Our strong tradition of liberal education has integrated the humanities, the fine arts, business, and the sciences to promote broad and deep learning for well over two hundred years. We are well known for our academic strengths in the liberal arts, environment, healthcare, leadership, and public service. We also have been nationally recognized for our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

We are a premier small student-centered research University. Our world-class faculty consists of eminent scholars dedicated to teaching. Students work closely with faculty and often collaborate with their professors on research projects. The distinctive learning environment at UVM focuses on developing culturally relevant problem-solving and effective communication skills that help our students become successful global leaders and innovative thinkers.

At UVM, we believe that academic learning is inextricably linked to civic and social responsibility. From our commitment to a sustainable environment, to our support for the arts, and our dedication to cutting edge medical research, we strive to serve our local and global communities. We know that by working together and supporting each other, we can achieve greatness.

—Tom Sullivan

Office of the President
University of Vermont
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