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PeopleSoft Login Changes

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On Thursday March 12th, 2015, the PeopleSoft login process will be enhanced to use UVM’s central web authentication service.  This will happen during the normally scheduled maintenance window after 5pm.

Why are we doing this?
  • To provide a familiar, consistent login experience.
  • To improve Peoplesoft System security.
  • To leverage the single sign-on capabilities of UVM’s central web authentication service, allowing people to login once, and gain access to multiple services.
  • To prepare for future login enhancements, including multi-factor authentication.
What will change?

The PeopleSoft login page will be updated to look like this:

 PeopleSoft Updated Login Page

You can select which PeopleSoft environment you want to log in to from that page.

If you have already logged into UVM’s central web authentication service during your current browser session, selecting one of those options will bring you directly into PeopleSoft.  If not, it will first take you to the familiar UVM web login form, which looks like this:

PeopleSoft Old Login


You can login with your UVM NetID and password, and then you’ll be logged into PeopleSoft.

The “Sign out” link in PeopleSoft will no longer work, because of the single sign-on capabilities of the central web authentication service.  To sign out of PeopleSoft now, you must close all browser windows and exit your browser, otherwise you will be automatically logged back into PeopleSoft.

You will notice this reminder at the bottom of the above login page as well:

Log Out Reminder


After login, your experience inside of PeopleSoft will remain unchanged.

If you have troubles logging in, please contact the UVM TechTeam at

If you have questions about what motivated this change, contact the Information Security Office at