University of Vermont

Office of the President


Mission, Key Purposes & Goals

The University of Vermont is a distinguished institution with a proud history, based on a strong intellectual community and a concern for the quality of life in the communities that it serves. UVM combines the intellectual resources and breadth of opportunity of a research university with the close student-teacher interactions typical of a liberal education, and supports its mission through the effective use of technology.

Our aspirations reflect our values, which include:

  • A commitment to rigorous intellectual inquiry and critical thinking;
  • An abiding concern for the environment, health, and liberal education;
  • A strong commitment to diversity in the student body, the faculty and staff, and the curriculum;
  • A willingness to address difficult societal issues with honesty, civility, and practicality. We are a community that values respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice, and responsibility and promotes the intellectual capacity to engage in ethical decision making; and
  • An appreciation of our commitment to the State of Vermont and our land-grant heritage.


To be the nation's premier small public research university, preeminent in liberal education and the study of the environment and health, and dedicated to providing students with extraordinary opportunities for learning and personal development and to enhancing the cultural, social, and economic life of Vermont, the nation and the world.


To prepare students to lead productive, responsible, creative lives and to create, interpret and share knowledge, applying it for the benefit of Vermont and society as a whole.

Through our efforts the University of Vermont will have a superior national reputation:

  • As a university combining outstanding teaching with the research focus, faculty excellence, programmatic range and depth, and societal mission of a research university;
  • As a vibrant, diverse, and intellectually engaged community on a human scale;
  • As a place that emphasizes academic excellence and provides an exceptional student-centered experience extending beyond the classroom; and
  • As a leader in liberal education and in the study of the environment and of health.

Strategic Goals

To fulfill the university mission and vision we will focus on seven goals, which in their totality will enrich the university, its intellectual climate, and curricula:

  • Create a diverse community
  • Create an outstanding student experience that promotes personal and intellectual development
  • Focus the human, fiscal, environmental, technological and physical resources of the University on institutional values and priorities
  • Recruit and retain excellent students, faculty and staff
  • Strengthen and focus academic programs, emphasizing liberal education, health and the environment
  • Strengthen financial resources
  • Strengthen research, scholarship and the creative arts

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