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President's Commission on Diversity and Inclusion - Mission

President's Commission on Diversity and Inclusion



I. The President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion will formulate and articulate a vision of diversity and inclusion. It will share this vision with the President and the academic officers of the university, and with the Board of Trustees. When these constituencies have had an opportunity to enlarge and if necessary amend the vision, the President’s Commission will articulate the vision to the campus community, not just once, but at regular intervals. The reshaping of this vision in the light of historical and campus conditions will be ongoing.

II. The President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion will assess the strengths of the University – and there are many – in the areas of diversity and inclusion. But it will also be candid in assessing weaknesses, ways in which the University could make greater efforts in these interconnected areas. It will assess these strengths and weaknesses by bringing both thought and research, ideas and concrete facts, to bear on a thorough consideration of where the University of Vermont stands in relation to the Vision Statement articulated by the Commission.

III. The President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion will bring to the attention of the President, and thereafter toward the Faculty Senate, the Staff Council and the Student Association, and indeed toward the entire University community, concrete proposals on how to move forward toward our common goal: To be ever more diverse, ever more inclusive, ever more accepting of differences of all sorts.

The Commission’s role on campus is to serve as the over-arching presence which will constantly and vigorously guide the various offices and divisions of UVM so that together those offices and officers ensure that the University community is open to all, and that the University works effectively to make diversity and inclusion a reality for students, faculty, staff, and those who might wish to enter or join the University. As part of this mission, the Commission will make recommendations to the President, and to existing commissions, on courses of action which would be beneficial to openness, diversity, and inclusion.

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