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Action Who to Contact Contact Information
To report possible crime
or imminent threat to personal or public safety
UVM Police Services Emergency: 911
For counseling (employees) Wellness Corporation 1 (800) 828-6025
For counseling (students) Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

The Counseling Center at Jacobs House
146 South Williams Street

For medical services (students)
Student Health/Women's Health

425 Pearl Street
For information and support
(students and employees)
UVM Women’s Center
34 South Williams Street

For abuse or violence advocate services Campus Advocacy Program,
Women’s Center

34 South Williams Street
Women's Center: 656-7892

Advocate Services:

For LGBTQ programs and services LGBTQA Center 461 Main St. (Allen House)
For ALANA programs and services ALANA Student Center 342 South Prospect Street
(Redstone Campus)
To file a complaint against a student Center for Student Ethics and Standards Nicholson House
41 South Prospect Street
To file a non-emergency complaint against a faculty member, a staff member or administrator Personal Safety Response Team 802-656-4490

Note: University officials may be obligated under applicable professional standards and/or law to report to appropriate authorities an imminent threat to personal or public safety. A person reporting a possible violation of this policy should inquire of the service provider as to whether and to what extent a consultation is confidential.

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