The 26th President of the University of Vermont

Basic Needs Task Force

Basic Needs/Equitable Compensation Task Force

A Memorandum from the Office of the President

April 24, 2006

From: Daniel Mark Fogel


Associate Professor Jane Knodell, Department of Economics, Chair
Mr. Seth Bowden, Undergraduate Student
Assistant Professor Matthew Carlson, Political Science
Mr. Patrick Brown, Director, Student Life
Professor Michael Gurdon, School of Business Administration
Vice President Thomas Gustafson, Student and Campus Life
Associate Dean Wanda Heading-Grant, College of Education and Social Services
Associate Vice President Barbara Johnson, Human Resources
Ms. Mary Lafayette, Office/Program Support Senior, Finance and Administration
Mr. Sam Maron, Undergraduate Student
Mr. Timothy Bilodeau, Police Officer, Police Services
Mr. Jeff Schulman, Senior Associate Athletic Directors, Athletic Department
Ms. Sarah Shackett, Undergraduate Student
Associate Professor Sondra Solomon, Department of Psychology
Ms. Carmyn Stanko, Utilities Tradesperson Special, Physical Plant
Professor Ross Thomson, Department of Economics
Ms. Rachel Weston, Graduate Student

Re: Basic Needs and Equitable Compensation Task Force

As an educational institution, the University of Vermont encourages all members of the campus community to consider thoughtfully and analyze for themselves critical issues of the day. One such issue is reasonable compensation in view of basic individual needs, competitive and equitable compensation, and institutional resources.

Ours is an open campus community in which all viewpoints are respected and acknowledged. When issues are raised about the University’s policies or practices, they are considered seriously through the normal processes available to us as a community. These normal processes include our governance channels and, for represented employees, collective bargaining.

Certain issues by their nature benefit from broad input. For this reason, I am convening a Task Force whose fundamental charge is to develop recommendations for the administration on principles and policies affecting the economic welfare and opportunities of lower-paid UVM employees.

The Task Force is specifically charged:

  • To make recommendations to the administration concerning principles and policies that should guide the University’s employment practices for lower-paid members of UVM’s workforce in regard to wages, benefits, and other terms of employment, including access to education and training;
  • To ground its consideration of principles and guidelines in a thorough examination of accurate data, both UVM-specific and comparative, regarding wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment;
  • To solicit the views of interested faculty, staff, and students who wish to contribute their perspectives on these matters, and responsibly to reflect the nature and extent of these views;
  • To respect the role of collective bargaining as the legally mandated means by which employers and unionized employees, through their representatives, jointly determine the specific terms and conditions of employment for represented employees.

I ask that the Task Force convene this Friday, April 28, at 9:00 a.m. in 427A Waterman, when UVM administrative staff will be asked to gather data to provide a basis on which the Task Force may begin informed deliberations. I also ask that the Task Force hold at least one additional meeting, in May, in which the approach and process of the work of the Task Force will be determined. Because it is imperative that the work of the Task Force be pursued with all deliberate speed, I am inviting each member who wishes to do so to identify in writing to the chair a single designated proxy to represent him or her when the member is unable to be present at meetings of the Task Force and of any subcommittees it may create.

In order to support the Task Force in its work, I am assigning the following individuals to attend Task Force meetings and to provide such information and support as the Task Force may require to complete its charge:

Associate Vice President William Ballard, Finance and Administration
Ms. Caryn Gronvold, Labor Relations Manager
Ms. Ginnie Gude, Compensation and Classification Manager
Associate Vice President Ted Winfield, Financial Analysis and Budgeting
Ms. Dawn Bly, Office Program Support Assistant, Office of the President

The Committee’s written report and recommendations should be presented to me by September 30, 2006 (or sooner, if feasible). In order to underline the urgency with which I view the work of the Task Force, I would like to meet with the Task Force no later than mid-August so that I can personally hear a progress report. After receiving the committee’s report and recommendations, I will promptly invite comment and consult with governance leadership as well as with the Deans and other Officers of Administration.

I am grateful to Jane Knodell for having agreed to chair the Task Force and to each of you for your willingness to undertake service on this important project. Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.


Provost A. John Bramley and Provost-Designate John M. Hughes
Vice Presidents
Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs
Associate Vice President William Ballard, Finance and Administration
Ms. Caryn Gronvold, Labor Relations Manager
Ms. Ginnie Gude, Compensation and Classification Manager
Associate Vice President Ted Winfield, Financial Analysis and Budgeting

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