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November 6, 2012
Statement of Initiative

In order to achieve our goals for academic excellence, we must ensure safety on campus for all students, faculty, and staff. I am committed to advancing the anti-violence initiative established by my predecessor, President Dan Fogel, and to fostering the University community values stated in Our Common Ground namely: respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice, and responsibility.

It is central to our mission at the University of Vermont to prevent violence and threats of violence on campus.  Our shared values cannot flourish in an environment where members of the community are at risk.  Therefore, the University has prescribed standards of conduct that apply to all members of our campus community.  Any crime involving endangerment or harm to individuals or the public is prohibited.  We also have set forth clear institutional policies governing firearms, sexual assault, discrimination or sexual harassment, domestic abuse and violence, hazing, unlawful possession or use of drugs and alcohol, and fire safety to protect individual and public safety.  Any violation of UVM safety policy is also prohibited. 

The University will pursue disciplinary action, including expulsion or dismissal, and criminal prosecution of students, faculty, or staff who commit violent acts, make violent threats, or violate UVM safety policies.  Members of the UVM community who use University facilities, property, vehicles, communications, media, or other resources to engage in violent or threatening activities or to violate UVM safety policies will also be subject to disciplinary action and criminal prosecution.  These standards of conduct also apply to University-recognized organizations and groups; violators risk suspension of recognition or de-recognition.  Violators who are neither students nor employees but who participate in UVM programs, engage in University-affiliated activities, or use UVM resources are subject to loss of privileges, no-trespass orders, and criminal prosecution.  Furthermore, the University will pursue disciplinary action of anyone who retaliates against students, faculty, or staff for reporting violent acts or threats of violence.

We must all work together and support each other to maintain a safe campus and to protect our shared values.  We ask that all University community members report any imminent threats to the safety of individuals or the public immediately to UVM police services, and we hope that University administrators and supervisors will be especially vigilant in reporting threats of violence.  If you have concerns about a possible safety threat, please contact police services promptly even in non-emergency situations; anonymous reporting is available on their website.

The University will continue violence prevention by raising campus awareness; offering educational programs; implementing risk management and crisis intervention methods; responding promptly to report and complaints; and prosecuting violators.  For example, UVM Police Services offers educational materials on crime prevention including free Rape Aggression Defense courses.  The Women’s Center, the Victim’s Advocate, the LGBQTA Center, and the Counseling Center all provide support and advocacy for victims of bias incidents, violence, or threats.  Additionally, UVM will encourage anti-violence education and events such as the annual Dismantling Rape Culture Conference.

Thank you all for your efforts to maintain a safe, inclusive, and respectful campus community for all of us.

Tom Sullivan

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