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Policy Numbering Convention

UVM Policy Numbering Convention

University policies are numbered using a three-digit numbering rubric which is structured around the University's Organizational Chart.

1st Digit Represents the Oversight Official (President, Provost or applicable Vice President Position) that is responsible for the policy or over sees the Responsible Official as identified in the policy.
2nd Digit Sequential numbering of individual policies within oversights and Official's areas of responsibility.
3rd Digit Policy Version - (ex. "1" represents first version represented undering the numbering schematic)

Numbering Key

First Digit
Oversight Official
President's Office
Provost and Senior Vice President
Vice President for Executive Operations
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Vice President for University Relations and Administration
Vice President for Research
Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
General Counsel
Privacy Services

Example: Grade Appeals Policy Number 2.16.2

 2 > Responsible Official Office is the Provost and Senior Vice President
16 > Sixteenth policy under the Provost and Senior Vice President (numbers assigned sequentially as policies are posted)
 2 > Second version (after adoption of numbering system)

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