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Policy NumberTitleRequires Board Approval?
7.3.8Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy StatementY
8.4.2University SealY
7.4.8Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs and Activities and Non-HarassmentY
1.1.2Campus DemonstrationsY
4.12.1Quasi-Endowment FundsY
4.8.2Loans to or Guarantees for Trustees or OfficersY
1.2.2Conflict of Interest and Conflict of CommitmentY
3.2.4Code of Business ConductY
5.10.3Facilities and Grounds UseN
2.3.4Alcohol and Other Drug - StudentN
7.5.2Grievance and Mediation Policy - Staff (Non-Represented)N
2.21.2Medical WithdrawalN
2.23.2Posthumous Degrees - Award ofN
2.7.6Code of Academic Integrity - InterimN
5.17.3Laboratory Health and SafetyN
4.6.2Employee vs. Independent ContractorN
5.1.2Amorous Relationships - Department of AthleticsN
2.4.2Amorous Relationships with StudentsN
8.3.2University Name, Symbols, Letterhead, and other Proprietary Indicia of AffiliationN
7.6.2Military LeaveN
4.9.2Movable EquipmentN
5.19.1Minors in LaboratoriesN
2.13.2Disability Certification and Support - StudentsN
9.3.2Records RetentionN
2.2.1Alcohol - Faculty and StaffN
5.13.1Graphic DesignN
9.1.1Data Breach NotificationN
5.26.1Use of Campus Mail & LetterboxesN
2.1.1Affiliated OrganizationsN
4.4.1Disposal of Surplus Property and Movable EquipmentN
6.1.1Cost Policy for Sponsored AgreementsN
5.3.2Campus Safety and Security: Clery ActN
7.1.1Disability Accommodation for Employees and Applicants for Employment N
6.5.3Misconduct in Research and Other Scholarly Activity N
4.13.1Salary OverpaymentN
1.3.1Personal Safety and SecurityN
4.5.3Effort Management and Reporting on Sponsored AwardsN
2.10.2Computer, Communication, and Network Technology Acceptable UseN
7.2.1Drug-Free Workplace N
7.7.1Nursing Mothers in the WorkplaceN
2.22.1Missing StudentN
8.2.4Records and Documents RequestN
2.24.1Minors; Protection on CampusN
5.4.2CATCard and Identification CardsN
5.8.2Emergency ManagementN
5.9.3Environmental Design in New and Renovated BuildingsN
2.11.1Conjoint DegreesN
6.4.2Intellectual PropertyN
5.16.2Key and Electronic Access SystemsN
5.2.3Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure ControlN
6.7.1Use of University Research Facilities and Equipment by External UsersN
2.14.1Domestic Abuse and Violence Prevention and ResponseN
5.6.2Domestic AnimalsN
2.5.2Awarding Scholarships and PrizesN
4.2.2Awards, Prizes and WinningsN
5.14.2Indemnification Policy for Officers and EmployeesN
5.15.2Insurance Protection Policy (General Institutional)N
2.17.3Group and Organization RecognitionN
4.11.3Procurement or Lease of Goods and Services and Procurement Contract Approval and Signatory AuthorityN
5.25.2Travel Accident InsuranceN
5.28.1Campus SpeakersN
4.3.2Business Meal, Hospitality and AmenityN
5.5.2Commercial Drivers Testing for Alcohol and Substance AbuseN
6.3.4Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored ResearchN
1.4.1Review and Evaluation of Senior AdministratorsN
2.25.2Refund and Bill AdjustmentN
2.8.7Code of Student Rights and ResponsibilitiesN
2.28.3Transfer Credit - Undergraduate Students N
2.20.2Information SecurityN
4.1.1Accepting Payment Cards and eCommerce PaymentsN
4.10.1Nonresident Aliens - Payments toN
5.11.2Fire SafetyN
2.16.2Grade AppealsN
7.9.3Sexual Harassment: StudentsN
8.1.2Contract Approval and Signatory AuthorityN
5.7.2Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle UseN
2.15.5FERPA Rights DisclosureN
6.2.2Export ControlsN
3.1.3Adoption of University Policies, Operating Procedures and GuidelinesN
2.18.3Harassment - StudentsN
7.10.4Sexual Misconduct - InterimN
7.8.2Sexual Harassment: EmployeesN
5.22.4Political Activities: Tax Exempt Organization RestrictionsN
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