Report a Crime

If this is a crime in progress or an emergency situation please call 911 or 656-3473... All phone calls can remain anonymous.

If you see crime occurring on or off campus and you would like to report it, please fill out the form below.

If you choose, your identity on the email is displayed as "Anonymous" and can not be traced.

All information will be kept confidential unless you indicate otherwise.

Select the type of crime occurring:
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Confidential Services UVM Center for Health and Wellbeing
  • Counseling Center: 656-3340 (656-3473, After Hours)
  • Women's Health: 656-0603
  • Student Health/Medical Clinic: 656-3350
Other Services
  • Cooperative Christian Ministry at UVM: 656-3382
  • UVM Women's Center: 656-7892
  • Women's Rape Crisis Center: 1-800-489-RAPE (7273)
Your identity is revealed only with your consent.
Police Services can not trace your email's origin.