University of Vermont

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Department of Physics

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Physics offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physics, as well as minors in Physics and Astronomy.

The Teacher-Advisor program (TAP) offers first-year students the opportunity to enroll in a small, interactive seminar experience that fosters a mentoring relationship between students and their TAP professors, who serve as academic advisors for the first year. Previous offerings have included The Big Bang; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Space, Time, Einstein and Relativity; Vision Quest:Scientific Visualization; Physics, Energy and the Environment.

The undergraduate curriculum consists of core courses on the fundamentals of physics such as mechanics, electromagnetism and quantum theory. Students can then choose from an array of electives to explore subfields in physics such as astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter physics, general relativity, nanotechnology, quantum optics, nuclear and particle physics.

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