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Faculty - Madalina Furis

Madalina Furis

Madalina Furis, Associate Professor

Area of expertise

Experimental studies of condensed matter physics

Contact Information
Office: Rm. W124 - STEM Discovery Building
Phone: 802.656.5177
Webpages: Madalina Furis

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Current research interests include spin-polarized magneto-optical spectroscopy studies of nitride semiconductors, the time-resolved spectroscopy of nitride emitters and semiconductor nanocrystals, and magneto-optical Kerr rotation spectroscopy of ferromagnetic nanostructures.

Dr. Furis received her B.S.(1996) and M.S.(1997) from the University of Bucharest and soon afterwards joined the Physics Department at the University at Buffalo as a Ph.D.graduate student. She received her January 2004 for her work on "Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of GaN/AlN Quantum Well Heterostructures" (Bruce McCombe and Alex Cartwright-advisors). She spent her postdoctoral years at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where she worked on high magnetic field spectroscopy of colloidal nanocrystal quantum dots and studies of spin injection in semiconductors (Scott Crooker-mentor). Dr. Furis is a co-(author) of 21 research articles, and 1 book chapter on nanocrystal quantum dot devices that was published in the Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering, (Marcel Dekker Inc.).