University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Physics


Fall 2017

Course Title Instructor
ASTR 005 Exploring the Cosmos Perry
ASTR 023 Astr Lab I: Measuring the Sky
ASTR  157Stars & Galaxies
PHYS 011 Elementary Physics Pepe
PHYS 021 Introductory Lab I Pepe
PHYS 030 Physics Problem Solving I Yang
PHYS 031 Physics for Engineers I Yang
PHYS 051 Fundamentals of Physics I White
PHYS 123 Physics Problem Solving II Sanders
PHYS 125 Physics for Engineers II Sanders
PHYS 128 Waves and Quanta Wu
PHYS 198 Undergraduate Research Headrick
PHYS 201Experimental Physics IHeadrick
PHYS 213 Electricity and Magnetism Kotov
PHYS 256Computational PhysicsVanegas
PHYS 273 Quantum Mechanics I Del Maestro
PHYS 296Adv.Spec.Topic: Physical OpticsFuris
PHYS 301Mathematical PhysicsClougherty
PHYS 305Teaching of College PhysicsYang
PHYS 391 Master's Thesis Research Del Maestro/Kotov

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