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    Hi, my name is Corey Coutu and I am a graduate student in the Geology Department of the University of Vermont, working with Professor Char Mehrtens.  Geology can be a complex subject to understand, and this section presents resources that may be helpful in understanding the geological background to the evolutionary concepts presented in this site.  Below are a number of links designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of how the study of geology and evolution can walk hand in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently asked questions about evolution and the process of natural selection

What is a Fossil?:
                 Information concerning the "how" and "why" of  fossilization. (Lesson Plan Integrated)

How Geologists Tell Time:
     A discussion on the methods used to date rocks and fossils (Lesson Plan Integrated)

The Evolving Planet:
              Links to plate and climate reconstruction across geologic time

Evolution in the News:
          Links to evolution news web sites, updated monthly

Classroom Resources:
           Links to some of the best evolution education content sites online

Please send comments, suggestions, or questions about what they have seen here to cmehrten@uvm.edu and we will doour best to provide you with a quick and informed reply. 

Have fun with the site,
Corey and Char
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