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Content Use Survey: 

Question #1: If you used instructional material from the web module,which section did you visit? (Evolution 101, Teacher Resources, Virtual Field Trip, or Published Data) If you visited more then one section of the module, in what order did you access them?

Question #2: In the section you visited, did you find material that you could incorporate in to a lesson plan or learning activity? If so, could you share with us what material was most useful? Could you also breifly share with us how you might plan to incorporate this material in to you cirriculum.

Question #3:
How do you plan to assess the effectivness of the material presented? If you have already used the material, how did the students respond to the lesson/unit? Would you teach the lesson/unit again, why or why not?

Question #4:
How did you hear about this website, and did it meet your expectations?

Question #5:
Did you find the content on this web site to be correct and up to date? Are there supplimental exercises, or material on evolution or geology that should be added or subtracted from the site? Did you find the site to be appealing and interesting? Would you recomend it to others?

Thank you for taking time to help us revise and maintain this website!

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