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Little Cove Point

St. Mary's Strat    Little Cove Point is located at the southern point of Calvert County, adjacent to the Patuxet River.  The sediments exposed in the cliffs along Little Cove Point belong to the St. Mary's Formation, the youngest rock unit exposed in Calvert County.  This unit is composed of blue-colored clays and fine-grained sands and silts.  This 90-100 foot thick exposure of the St. Mary's Formation is subdivided into a series of members and assemblage zones, each consisting of a particular type of bedding and group of fossils.  One particularly interesting feature at the Little Cove Point location is the partially lithified sediment that comprises the uppermost horizons of the cliff.  Here, the movement of iron-rich groundwater has cemented together the uppermost meter of sand, creating a sedimentary rock in only a few thousand years time (Click to enlarge).   

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