Excel Graphing Tutorial

    Often the best way to examine data is to graph it.  Graphs are visual diagrams that exhibit a relationship between two sets of numbers or variables.  Geologist Patricia Kelley plotted measurements of internal volume and shell thickness for several genera of bivalves versus the age of the rock layers that contained them. When these graphs were examined, patterns of change in morphology as a function of time appeared.   The following tutorial will help you take the data from Kelley's study, and create several scatter plots (with a best fit line) that allows you to examine changes in internal volume and shell thickness versus age. 

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Steps to graph data using Excel:

Step 1:  Creating a Worksheet

Step 2:  Selecting Data to Graph

Step 3:  Selecting the "Chart" Wizard

Step 4:  Graphing Data

Step 5:  Adding a Trendline

Conclusion:  Analyzing and Interpreting the Graph