Step 1: Creating a Worksheet

picure one5
1. Open the Excel program. If you're not sure how to do this, ask your teacher!

2. Copy your data into a data table. To type data or words click on the box and type. (You can't use the example!  It's just a "picture" of your Excel worksheet.)

3. Click on the box or cell next to number 1 under Column A, and type "X Axis (Anadara Shell Thickness)" (Don't worry if the text doesn't look as big or dark as the example. You can change the font size and style later by  highlighting the text and using the programs tools as you do in a word processer.)

4. Do the same for Column B. Start with the first cell, naming it "Y Axis (Stratigraphic Elevation)" and then type in the numbers from your data sheet.
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