Step 4. Selecting the Type of Graph

1.  Select (click on) the "Scatter Plot" option under "Chart type" on the left side of the dialog box. (It may already be darkened!).

step four a

2.  When the Scatter Plot square is selected, click the "Next" button. The dialog box below will appear.

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3.  This dialog box lets you select Rows or Columns. Leave it on "Columns" and click the "Next" button. The dialog box below will appear.

Step 3

4.  This box has many options. Look for the "Titles" tab at the top. To the right is a miniature view of what the real graph will look like. Notice that the chart title has been filled in.  Make sure to type the title YOU want in this box . Click in the "Category (X) axis" area, and type the name YOU want the "bottom" or X axis to read. (The sample has "Shell Thickness" as a label.) Do the same for the "Value (Y) axis:" box. (The sample has "Stratigraphic Elevation")  After entering your titles click the "Next" button.

Step four

5.  With this last dialog box you can choose where you want the graph to appear. You can have it show up on the current worksheet or on a new worksheet. When you have made your choice, click the "Finish" button and a graph like the one pictured below will appear.


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