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Picture Image Title Location Classifications
Cretaceous Anogmius polymicrodus Logan County Pisces,Osteichthyes
Bridger Formation Priscarialiops sp Pisces,Osteichthyes
Eurynotus (?) tenuiceps Agassiz Pisces,Osteichthyes
Eurynotus tenuiceps Pisces,Osteichthyes
Graphite Pisces,Osteichthyes
Fish scales Pisces,Osteichthyes
Fish scales Pisces,Osteichthyes
Fish spine Pisces,Osteichthyes
fish teeth and spines (and crinoids) Chester Fish Beds Pisces,Osteichthyes
Carboniferous fish teeth and spines Pisces,Osteichthyes
Lenciscus papyracens Pisces,Osteichthyes
Upper Jurassic Leptolepis sprattiformis Pisces,Osteichthyes
Eocene Mioplosus beanii Cope Pisces,Osteichthyes
Eocene Mioplosus labraeoides Cope Pisces,Osteichthyes
Priscacara Pisces,Osteichthyes
Lower Cretaceous Scombroclupea, sp. Pisces,Osteichthyes
Bridger Formation Diplomystus dentatus Uinta County Pisces,Osteichthyes
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