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Picture Image Title Location Classifications
Caribou antler Woodbury Mammalia,
Moose antler Lake Dunmore Mammalia,
Tertiary Equus sp Lane County Mammalia,Artiodactyla
Elk hip bone right side Fletcher Mammalia,Artiodactyla
Jaw of mammal side view Mammalia,
Pleistocene Mammuthus primigenius tooth side view Mount Holly Mammalia,Elephantidae
Mammoth tusk pieces internal view Mammalia,Elephantidae
Mammoth tusk Mount Holly Mammalia,Elephantidae
Cretaceous Multituberculate mammal side view Mud Butte Mammalia,
Silurian Eurypterid telson Mammalia,Artiodactyla
Pleistocene Dephinapterus leucas ribs Charlotte Mammalia,
Miocene Teleoceras fassigar Phillips County Mammalia,
Miocene Brontotherium menochus Badlands Mammalia,
Miocene Auchenia hesternia Leido Lane County Mammalia,
Miocene Eleatherium sp side view Badlands Mammalia,
Tertiary Teleocerus fossiger Phillips County Mammalia,
Miocene Mesohippus sp Badlands Mammalia,
Tertiary Teleoceras fossiger top dorsal view Phillips County Mammalia,
Note: Not all collection items have a digital representation and some items have multiple pictures.
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