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Picture Image Title Location Classifications
Calcite with Talc and Serpentine oblique view ,
Cephalopod replaced by Calcite Isle La Motte Mollusca,Cephalopoda
Amethyst on Calcite framework silicates,silica minerals
Augite on calcite and apatite Otter-Lake chain silicates,pyroxene group
Calcite replacing serpentine Lowell ,
Calcite and talc on serpentine South Duxbury ,
Barite close up view ,
Pink Calcite ,
Calcite, Hematite, Pyrite and Quartz ,
Calcite top view Rossie ,
Calcite ,
Calcite close up view ,
Calcite ,
Concretionary Calcite side view ,
Calcite ,
Beryl var emerald Bisbee ,
Rhombohedral Calcite top view ,
Grossularite ,
Rhombohedral Calcite ,
Calcite ,
Calcite close up view ,
Calcite var. bird egg Dubois ,
Beryl rough side Minerva ,
Green Calcite Bisbee ,
Calcite var. Iceland spar ,
Calcite var. pearl spar top view Lockport ,
Calcite crystal ,
Calcite Commerce ,
Calcite var. dogtooth spar ,
Microcrystalline Calcite Orleans ,
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